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We at Eagle Peak Herbals honor plants and all life forms as equals. It is our work to facilitate the Plant's abilities and desires to help others return to a state of balance. We want this relationship to be forever sustainable, available and respected. We do our best to bring together the purest water, earth, air, seed, intention, knowledge and intuition in the formulation of our products. Joy and gratitude are part of all these formulas.

Our philosophy permeates all aspects of medicinal herb production. We use time-honored methods of growing, harvesting and extracting. Seasonal, yearly and lunar cycles are taken into account. Each herb's uniqueness, efficacy, and source are carefully considered before processing begins. Our products are hand made at peak potency in small batches to insure quality, consistency and freshness. We provide premium herbals to health care practitioners and those who wish to take more responsibility for their own (and their animals) health. We satisfy government regulations while following our own uncompromising standards.

Facing East at 6000 ft. elevation, we overlook the vastness of the Great Basin. Eagle Peak to the West, watches over our wilderness home, organic gardens and gathering areas. We live without electricity in our hand built underground solar home. Our herbs receive organic compost provided by our llama herd and blue-green algae from our high mountain pond. Pristine springs and creeks provide water for us all. Complete silence. Road closed in winter…


Bolu inured eagle in rehabBolu was found tangled up in wire with multiple injuries. Tina and Bill nursed her back to health. She is now back in the sky and has produced a gorgeous baby this year! We see her several times a week flying over.

Our herbalist, Tina, teaches around the country on a variety of topics related to human and animal health. She is a certified Wildlife Rehabilitationist. The Animals and Plants help guide our work with interspecies communications.

We are active members of United Plant Savers and dedicated to preserving North American medicinal plants. There are several threatened species native to our land and we continually plant more. On site farm consultation services are available to those interested in growing organic herbs.


Tina and Bill Hodge, Eagleville

Our environmental commitment and harvesting ethics

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